Curious what came out of Spark Narration?

We are proud to share the results of the first edition of our educational program in collaboration with VersPers

01.09.2018  |  by ACED  |  Spark Narration

Together with VersPers, we organise Spark Narration a talent program where we aim to find experimental initiatives in which artistic capacity and journalism qualities optimally unite. We are proud to share the results of the 3 teams that have been selected for the program.

Supply Chain Broadcast | Juhee Hahm and Luke Rideout

Although marketplaces originally created the interaction and connection of different cultures, today this process is being replaced by complex modern production networks around the world. Supply Chain Broadcast examines the tangible effects of global trade by mapping the coffee production process. With the project, a rich network of manufacturers and transporters from Kenya to the Netherlands is made transparent and communicated via audiovisual broadcasts.

Decoding Foe Yong Hai | Ami Tsang and Fay Teo

Decoding Foe Yong Hai originated from Ami Tsang and Fay Teo's shared passion for Chinese cuisine. Through the research project, food is used to speculate about Dutch Chinese culture. Foe Yong Hai investigates how the combined culture in the Netherlands originated and can be accepted. The outcomes of the project include experimental food experiences, cooking workshops and the documentary 'Carve Out' screened during the CinemAsia Film Festival, Kriterion (Amsterdam) and Worm (Rotterdam).

Breunion Boys | Julia Veldman

With Breunion Boys, visual storyteller Julia Veldman makes an ultimate attempt to undo Brexit by founding a boy band. The project received a lot of press attention with the hits “Britain Come Back” and “The Real Deal”. Veldman was a guest at the British show "Good Morning Britain", at NOS and at Jinek. The project was also published via Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, The Guardian, Vice, The New York Times and CNN, among others.


Ami Tsang

Decoding Foe Yong Hai

Fay Teo

Decoding Foe Yong Hai

Geesje van Haren

Initiator and Director

Juhee Hahm

Supply Chain Broadcast

Julia Veldman

Breunion Boys

Luke Rideout

Supply Chain Broadcast

Noortje van Eekelen

Initiator and Director