How is news highlighted in different media?

A data-driven exploration of our networked news culture

01.01.2020  |  by ACED  |  Reverb Channel

Image: Mary Ponomareva

Meanwhile we are working on the development of Reverb Channel. Reverb Channel is a data driven exploration of our networked news culture, in which we record the publication behavior in the press and make it publicly accessible.

Today, our media consumption behavior is completely controlled online by algorithms and feedback loops that have become a permanent part of social media and the hunt for clicks. Online news media give high priority to commercially driven metrics over editorial consideration for the benefit of social discourse.

Articles on issues such as sustainability, crime, religion and refugee issues generate polarised discussions in social media: clicks guaranteed. Or was it really about news value? Was the publication intended to inform, attract attention or manipulate?

How is the news highlighted in different media? Where is news in the political and emotional spectrum? Which media offer neutral or biased news? What is the most nuanced medium in the Netherlands?

With Reverb Channel we use artificial intelligence (AI) to gain insight into the multiformity and framing of reporting. The project focuses on the registration of publications of 50 public media channels. The plan is to investigate the positioning of news in the media landscape, with the aim of mapping its division and unity.

For this project, ACED collaborates with Media Technology (MSc) at Leiden University and Data Engineering (BSc) at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Reverb Channel has been honoured with a grant from SIDN Fund.


David Bouter


IJsbrand van Veelen

Editor in Chief

Jasper Schelling

Project Lead

Kiran Kaur


Maarten van Hees

Data Engineering

Mary Ponomareva

Graphic Design

Noortje van Eekelen

Creative Director

Peter van der Putten

Scientific Advisor