Joining forces on Reverb Channel?

We invite you to experiment with data from news sources

25.10.2020  |  by ACED  |  Reverb Channel

Image: Mary Ponomareva

Reverb Channel offers data scientists, artists and media professionals a platform to carry out investigative experiments and share results to evoke debate with the field and the general public. It is based on a continually updated, large corpus of news publications from a wide range of sources covering the last 20 years, and provides data, tools and expertise. Are you interested in collaborating on Reverb Channel? Get in touch via


David Bouter


IJsbrand van Veelen

Editor in Chief

Jasper Schelling

Project Lead

Kiran Kaur


Maarten van Hees

Data Engineering

Mary Ponomareva

Graphic Design

Noortje van Eekelen

Creative Director

Peter van der Putten

Scientific Advisor