Trouw celebrates its 75th anniversary

ACED realised a video campaign based on their news archive

01.02.2018  |  by ACED  |  General Activities

As part of Trouw's 75th anniversary this year, ACED has designed a series of front-page videos. The videos were made on the basis of stories that we found in Trouw's many years of news production, for which use was made of the Delpher archives and the National Library of the Netherlands.

Queen's Day and King's Day
The development of Queen's Day and King's Day through the years in the Netherlands.

Dutch elections
The dynamic results of the Dutch elections in the past seventy-five years.

Leader videos
Leader videos based on the logos and layout of Trouw since 1943.


Belle Phromchanya

Co-Founder ACED

Danusia Schenke


Wendelmoet Boersema