Beeldspraak in collaboration with De Groene Amsterdammer has been launched

For this visual column weekly an artist or designer is invited to respond to current events.

01.08.2017  |  by ACED  |  General Activities

The section Beeldspraak is an initiative of ACED in collaboration with De Groene Amsterdammer. For this visual column, weekly an artist or designer is invited to respond to current events. Where usual the columnist reacts to current affairs in writing, this is explicitly shown in imagery via Beeldspraak. A format that challenges the well-known textual format.

Beeldspraak introduces alternative narratives about social themes. The artistic works of the creators invite the reader to view social and political issues from a new or revised perspective and to break through prejudices, mainstream visions and generalization. Beeldspraak is a modern concept that gives visual commentators a platform to give their subjective opinion on contemporary issues. Through Beeldspraak, we see an opportunity to link an innovative artistic development to the column form. For this ACED worked with the following appreciated artists and designers.

Family Special Collection by Pinar & Viola
Why can’t we love multiple people at once? That is what the Dutch artist duo Pinar & Viola requests, with the work Family Special Collection. For this, Pinar & Viola created a polyamoric family, sixth self-conscious adults and children on a series of porcelain. And they organized an actual wedding ceremony. An invitation to overcome the prejudices about this subject. The column of Pinar & Viola can be found here.

The Daily Spectacle by Yuri Veerman
The Daily Spectacle of Yuri Veerman consists of five portraits of five contemporary news platforms that often use spectacle in their posts. Each portrait consists of two different headers, from the website of the respective platforms. The column of Yuri Veerman can be found here.

Disarming Design by Annelys de Vet
An everyday reality is by definition no news. But in the case of Palestine, it means that the cultural and geographical consequences of decades-long occupation rarely come to light. Annelys de Vet aims to offer a different look at the daily reality of Palestinians with the design label Disarming Design from Palestine. Annelys de Vet's column can be found here.

Dictionary of Online Behavior by TeYosh
The Serbian design duo TeYosh strives to describe with their Dictionary of Online Behavior - a growing set of new words - the behavior on social networks. Dictionary of Online Behavior was built from the perspective of the last generation that grew up in an offline environment and the opportunity had a critical look at the online world as something new and ‘different’. The column by TeYosh can be found here.

Demoji by Mantas Rimkus
Strikingly, emoji is usually positive, one-sided, non-critical and mainly relevant to Western society. But what about our dialogues about attacks, climate change and protest? And the representation of humanitarian and culture-specific issues. Mantas Rimkus developed, a platform that represents critical topics in emojis. The column by Mantas Rimkus can be found here.


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