Memories of the Future — Facts and Fiction

A public seminar at Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

24.11.2017  |  by ACED  |  General Activities

Open Set in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, welcomes you to its public seminar on November 24, 2017 on the occasion of Memories of the Future: Facts and Fiction. In this session the participants of the LAB 2017 and interested visitors can participate in 4 lectures by renowned experts.

Dr. Piet Bakker, lecturer in Mass Media and Digitization at the Hogeschool Utrecht, will discuss his research into the role of design in cross-media journalism. Followed by a presentation of the interdisciplinary platform for journalism and design ACED, which will focus on how fiction combined with facts can bring a new representation of current issues. Information Retrieval researcher Daan Odijk will present his ongoing research on how to implement user interaction findings related to the journalist platform Blendle. Rik Smit from the Center for Media and Journalism Studies at the University of Groningen will discuss how seemingly truthful recordings of events mediate their memory. In addition, advice sessions will take place, provided by ACED, Rick Smit and Pieter Bakker.

The event takes place at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, as part of the Open Set Lab and the temporary exhibition: Nieuws of Nonsense.


Belle Phromchanya

Co-Founder ACED

Irina Shapiro