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Pioneers at the intersection of design, art and journalism.

19.10.2021  |  by Cato Verhoeven  |  General Activities

Upcoming week we will start a brand new season of our Take Over! After an appreciated first edition, on October 26 we will start a second series.

Through the Take Over we aim to provide platform for pioneers at the intersection of design, art and journalism. To do so, every Tuesday another maker is invited to 'take over' our Instagram channel for 1 day.

Stay tuned for our next series featuring among other Astrid Feringa, Eva Hilhorst (Drawing the Times), MA Information Design (Design Academy Eindhoven), Irene Stracuzzi, Saúl de Boer, Asja Keeman, Wouter Stroet, Timm Donke (Tree-001), Lenka Hamosova, Yifan Yaing, Roos du Pree and Prospektor.

Or check out our first edition with Cream on Chrome, Alice Wong, Julia Janssen, Jasmijn Visser, Post Neon, Robert Glas, Disarming Design Department (Sandberg Instituut), F for Fact (Sandberg Instituut), Maxime Benvenuto, Klara Debeljak, MU Hybrid Art House, Klara Debeljak, Anouk van Klaveren and The Cultural Index.

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