4 brilliant journalism initiatives

These are the results of our Alternate Dialogues program

01.08.2017  |  by ACED  |  General Activities

Via Alternate Dialogues, ACED aimed to find the most brilliant initiatives for journalistic production. Through an open call we received a large amount of entries from both designers and journalists. The selection was carefully assessed for relevance to the contemporary media landscape and the conceptual approach of the submissions. We are proud to announce the next four promising projects, which show a revised way of visual story telling and take a critical position with regard to the relevant theme. The projects will be supported financially and through guidance in their production.

Paranoia Watch | Mark Jan van Tellingen

Paranoia Watch is a smartphone and smartwatch app measuring the fear for terror attacks via twitter. Starting in three big cities, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris. The idea came in the period we watched the BBC news covering of the Paris attacks on Charli Hebdo. News items on the attacks dominated the media for days, even the chase by the french police to capture the terrorists was covered live. For this project Van Tellingen did a research on the effects of media coverage on terrorism and how terrorists often are in need for exactly this type of news covering.

Difficult Salad | Tom Kemp

The predicted outcome of Difficult Salad will be a series of filmed, game based events culminating in a video work using a combination of social game design, video documentation and VFX. Kemp examinines the notion of marriage as a constantly developing interface between the partnerships of individuals and the machinations of states. With a particular focus on ‘marriages of convenience’, the western pre-modern marriage motive for dynasty and diplomacy.

Journey to Digital Literacy | Gwendolyne Röttger

Journey to Digital Literacy explores our relationship to online information and the consequences of interacting with it. Through a multiple choice narrative visualizing our everyday online decision making process, the book acts as a self diagnostic tool. The reader, away from the keyboard, is encouraged to consciously make decisions about the different data they encounters on their ‘digital journey’. The project aims to disturb the reader’s automated relationship with digital information and make them aware of their responsibility as mediums for the information’s credibility.

Commentary Informed | Xiaofeng Dai

The project’s goal is the creation of a prototype: a critical tool to show the value of the comment space in the post-truth age. The ultimate goal is to conceptualise information accessibility and allow the public to access ‘high-quality’ information in a broad spectrum of political news. The project will result in a conceptual model, design methodology as well as a prototypical tool that seeks to reduce ‘digital vulnerability’ to misinformation.


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