Designalism is a program that explores, questions and interprets the interdisciplinary approach to design, art and journalism. The focus is on projects in which relevant social issues are investigated by combining journalistic analysis and artistic presentation.

Designalism Podcast is finally available

A series portraying the frontrunners at the intersection of design and journalism.

Let us introduce you to Harald Dunnink

The man to talk to about the merging of design and journalism.

ACED introduces Designalism

An extensive program that highlights and analyses the interdisciplinary collaboration between design and journalism.

Confluences in values, forms and practices

An excellent paper on the confluence of arts and journalism

Listen to NNN founder Koert van Mensvoort

Get anything about future technologies in our podcast

Investigating interdisciplinary art and journalism

We are honored to announce that Creative Industries Fund NL will support our upcoming plans for Designalism

Combining contemporary theater and journalism

Founder Annet Henneman about her Teatro di Nascosto that tells stories about daily life in conflict areas

Legislation, regulations as well as technologies

Artist Robert Glas examines what governments use to enforce

Visualising geopolitics and earth sciences

Listen to Italian designer Irene Stracuzzi through our podcast

Coralie Vogelaar on computer science

The artist explains all about deep learning in our podcast

Stijn Postema analyses Artistic Journalism

The scientist about his PhD research at University of Amsterdam