Insights into the news supply of the future.

Initiators: ACED en Clever°Franke
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger (grote zaal) | Amsterdam
Date: 10 September 2019
Time: reception 19:45 | start program20:00 | closing 22:30

'Free' news, fake news, deep fakes, social media, data, digitization, fast, faster, fastest. Classic news media are attacked from all angles by developments that they can barely keep up with, let alone that they have a suitable answer. Meanwhile, the demands of their audience are more erratic than ever and the constant tension between the technologically possible and the journalistic desirable leads to a cramped search for value, truth and meaning.

'We should do things differently', is heard in many editorial offices, but how do you decide which developments you will contribute to? Actual innovation rarely occurs at the institutions that need innovation. Specific expertise and obstinacy usually prevent an uninhibited view of what’s happening in the outside world. How do news media respond to all developments?

DIT WORDT HET NIEUWS puts these questions at the center of a stimulating meeting that focuses on those involved in the triangle of journalism, design / art and technology. Chief editors of established news media are subject and jury at the same time: they are overloaded with ideas, innovations and good advice by a selection of experts from the world of technology and design / art.

DIT WORDT HET NIEUWS examines how journalism, design / art and technology can reinforce each other in order to cope with the constantly changing relationship between media and public in the light of rapid technological changes.

What are the technological fairy tales, the striking trends, the alternative and relevant initiatives? How can actual urgency be separated from gasping hype? How can quality and relevance be maintained in an era of information pollution, overloaded editors and commercial requirements? DIT WORDT HET NIEUWS offers insights into the news supply of the future.

DIT WORDT HET NIEUWS is an initiative of ACED and Clever°Franke. The event has been honored with a grant from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) and the Fund for Journalism (SVDJ). More information soon.