ACED is a crossover platform for design and journalism. We provide a service to discover and create new forms of experimental journalistic productions.

Nowadays, journalism is going through a transition. Due to the development of technology, image has become a major part in storytelling. With internet, people have the freedom to choose between many sources of information and news is consumed in passing. Media organizations are adapting to these changes. They are aware of the need to distinguish themselves, and try to come up with new ways of storytelling to engage with a contemporary audience.

Design is often seen as an additional element to stories and content. Designers are positioned at the end of the process to use their skills to decorate, illustrate, or simplify information through different visual forms. However, there is an increase in socially engaged designers: experts who do not limit themselves to the visualisation of content, but expressively have experience with concept development as well as the creation of content.

We see an opportunity to use design knowledge, to tackle current complex issues by combining the emerging field of investigative design with the contemporary journalistic practice. However, these are two distinct fields, functioning with different sets of expertise and mindsets. A new space that allows interdisciplinary development needs to be established. So this is where the ACED platform comes in.

ACED connection
ACED is a platform with a strong network of young and established designers and a growing number of open-minded journalistic partners. We connect and collaborate directly with leading figures and institutions in both fields.

ACED production
ACED believes in the co-production of design and journalism where visualization goes far beyond merely supporting the content. We provide services for experimental journalistic productions with an emphasis on a mutual process of collaboration, where all parties work together in generating the content and its presentation.

ACED plug-in
We operate as an experimental plug-in of media organizations, and collaborate with individuals on a project basis. This way we are able to function alongside the current structure of news media, and control how much investment fits each partner to create a
unique and tailor-made production.

ACED crossover
ACED is constantly researching and developing crossover knowledge that facilitates the convergence of both fields. We do this through series of public events, educational programs, and open calls that allows the exchange to happen.

We believe that both fields are equipped with one of the most influential communication tools, and it is time to combine those forces to present, and cope with the complexity of the present. Initiating an exceptional journalism that challenges, engages, and creates an impact.