Designers create a joint newspaper of the future

News Narrations is a workshop program in collaboration with AKV St. Joost Breda

During our last week's workshop News Narrations, the students Graphic and Spatial Design of AKV St. Joost jointly designed 'The Newspaper of the Future'. During this program students were asked to be journalists for one week.

Practically, we started by scaling up the well-known layout of a newspaper to the size of the classroom. On the first day of the workshop, as a group we set up the whole base grid on the floor with tape. Following, the students have been asked - based on journalistic and current themes - to search for revised and experimental ways to bring the news and fit this within one of the boxes of the grid. Within the borders of the layout everything was possible, as long as it told the initial story and statement in a proper way. The diversity of final results of the students formed together a unique and spatial outcome. The diversity of final works and the unusual results of the students together formed a unique and spatial whole.