Separating urgency from technology hypes

Join our event about data and technology in relation to design, art and journalism.

Title: DATA = NEWS
Theme: event about design, art, journalism, data and technology
Initiators: ACED and Clever°Franke
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger (grote zaal) | Amsterdam
Date: 10 September 2019
Time: reception 19:45 | start program 20:00 | closing 22:30

Data. Digitisation. Speed. Volume. These concepts and their mutual relationship are increasingly determining the way we live and the way we experience and perceive our existence. Never before in history have so many people had such easy access to so much information.

In the meantime, the internet and far-reaching digitalisation are affecting our understanding of once immutable concepts such as distance, borders, sovereignty, private and public, individual and collective, tangible and intangible, physical and virtual reality.

Technological developments and the resulting possibilities are taking place faster than we can comprehend, making time for reflection limited and political-social decision-making lags behind hopelessly. The race between the possible and the desirable leads to confusion, to a haughty search for meaning and arouses a longing for a time in which developments seemed to be manageable and understandable. Fundamentalists and populists worldwide are spinning yarn around these sentiments of directionlessness.

In short, accelerating technologies bring innovation and promises, and at the same time individual confusion and social unrest. How to deal with that and how to report about it? That is the key question of DATA = NEWS, a stimulating meeting that focuses on those involved in design, technology and journalism as well as other interested parties.

DATA = NEWS addresses the constantly changing relationship between media and audience in light of rapid technological changes. Appealing artistic, journalistic and technical experts discuss the consequences, limitations and possibilities of data and technology in the media sector with each other and the audience.

What role do data and technology play for designers and journalists and how do they relate to this? What are the technological fairy tales, the striking trends, the alternative and relevant initiatives? How do you separate actual urgency from gasping hype? How can quality and relevance be maintained in an era of information pollution, overloaded "online first" newsrooms and commercially driven metrics?

DATA = NEWS has been honoured with a grant from AFK and SVDJ. More information about the event will be published in June 2019.