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What role can design play in journalism?

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Memories of the Future — Facts and Fiction

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Experimental Video Explainers on Gay Pride

A fortunate collaboration between Algemeen Dagblad (AD) and ACED

Our visual column has been launched

De Groene Amsterdammer and ACED introduces a brand new initiative

Dialogues and Destinies at Brekend Beeld

Join us on Thursday 18 January at Kapitaal

Visual Landscaping at Universiteit van Amsterdam

Workshop on the broader use of imagery in news reporting

Engaging with News at Pakhuis de Zwijger

Speed dating Workshop for Journalists and Visual Makers

high speed scrolling and new discoveries

Join our lecture at Vondel CS in Amsterdam

What characterizes a successful news photo?

Artist Coralie Vogelaar about her new work Recognized / Not Recognized

"I am convinced journalism will improve when image becomes more part of it"

In conversation with Sterre Sprengers about her experiences at De Correspondent

4 Brilliant Initiatives for Journalistic Production

The results of our ACED LAB : Alternate Dialogues

Crossover Magic with designers and journalists

Together with VersPers we started a new journalistic adventure

Visual Supplement — The Influence of the Individual

workshop on the re-appropriation of one day's news at HKU

Follow countries towards a sustainable world

OneWorld and ACED developed a data tool on Sustainable Development Goals

Interactive Storytelling and Future Plans

An interview with Daan Louter about his experiences at The Guardian